Started to Work at the Drug Store

I was downtown the other morning and I happen to see a hiring job up at the drug store down near the campus. Of course they have a lot of a cute girls in that part of the city and so I was thinking this would be a good summer job for me. I went in and talked the manager, he was a nice old guy who hired me on the spot, About five minutes later I was in an apron stocking cq10 vitamin bottles on the shelves. That is basically the job. I am a stock boy. Read More →

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Global Phoneworks (GPW) keeps travelers connected in over 160 countries around the world with international cellular service. However, there may be times when your travel takes you beyond the reach of GSM. For these occasions, we offer satellite phone services that allow you to stay connected, no matter where you are – whether you are at sea or in a remote location.

GPW provides two satellite phone service options:

  • Dual-mode satellite/GSM mobile phone service through Thuraya
  • Global satellite service through Iridium.



Global Phoneworks (GPW) provides GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) coverage in over 160 countries around the world. Most US cell phones don’t work overseas. A UK based international cell phone rental from GPW lets you stay in touch wherever your travels take you around the globe. A GPW cell phone rental will provide you with one number where you can be reached for your entire trip. We deliver the phone to you prior to departure so you can provide your cell phone number to friends, family and co-workers before your trip.



If you travel overseas frequently, or if you prefer having your own Global Phoneworks (GPW) cellular phone number, then GPW’s Executive Service may be perfect for you. Companies seeking a cost-effective way of creating an inventory of phones for executive travelers can also purchase multiple Executive Service Plans from Global Phoneworks (GPW)

With our Executive Service, you purchase a GSM phone and lease a phone line from GPW on an annual basis.